Discover the Alexander Technique

Your body is precious. Yet, how often do you strain it without realising?

Singing lessons & voice coaching

Do you want to sing from the rooftops but know something is holding you back?

How the Alexander Technique can help you

Your body is precious. Yet, how often do you strain it without realising?  Whether you are suffering from aches and pains, a specific illness or a performance related problem, Yoana can teach you how to make positive changes to your everyday life.
By learning how to use your mind and body – and how they interact – you can improve your:

* Flexibility and movement
* Balance and posture
* Breathing and voice control
* Confidence and self-expression
* Self-awareness and reduced stress levels

Making small changes can have a huge impact on your life and sense of well-being.  Imagine managing stress or controlling lower back pain without the use of medication. Alexander Technique lessons with Yoana can show you how.

“Within a month of attending Yoana’s Alexander Technique classes, a recurrent sore throat which plagued me for 30 years, was gone. I cannot recommend her highly enough.”
Helen J

Singing lessons and voice coaching in Oxfordshire

Yoana has given singing and voice lessons for over 10 years. She works with clients in her Oxford studio, teaching a combination of vocal exercises, as well as singing and performance techniques.

Yoana’s voice coaching expertise, combined with her Alexander Technique skills, means she can adapt lessons to suit your needs and help you find answers to a specific problem.

“My lessons with Yoana Browning combine voice coaching, with the Alexander technique. Through Yoana’s calm, patient teaching, I’ve gained in confidence, feel energised and believe in myself more.”
Vikki L