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Vocal coaching in Oxfordshire to help you find your voice

Do you want to sing from the rooftops but know something is holding you back? Perhaps you are involved in local theatre or you give presentations at work and need to project your voice more?

Instead of battling with yourself, why not work with an experienced vocal coach who can help you find your natural voice.

Yoana Browning is an accomplished voice coach based in Headington, Oxford. She has worked with performers for over 10 years, as well as studied voice therapy.

Voice lessons with Yoana enable you to:

* Improve your singing skills
* Project your voice with confidence
* Develop your artistic performance
* Enjoy the freedom of expression
* Take care of your voice

To arrange a singing lesson or vocal session with Yoana, call her on Oxford 01865 762 811. You can also email her here if you prefer.

How to unlock the voice within you

Your voice is an integral part of you. Yet if you tense up or feel embarrassed, it can stop you from expressing yourself or sustaining your voice when performing to an audience.

Yoana uses a practical approach, adapting sessions to your requirements. She will therefore focus on how to build your confidence, improve your posture and breathing technique.

Since the way you hold your body affects the voice’s tone, volume and rhythm, Yoana also works on your performance as well as singing ability.

Who can benefit from a vocal coach?

Anyone who sings, performs or communicates can gain from voice lessons:

* Singers
* Actors
* Performers
* Public speakers
* Solicitors
* Teachers or presenters

Voice coaching is also rewarding for people who want to sing but have never felt able to.  Once you learn the skills to release your natural voice, you’ll relax and be able to explore how unique your voice is.

What happens in a voice training session?
Yoana runs one to one voice coaching sessions from her home in Headington, Oxford. Each one-hour session is tailored to clients’ needs.

For the first 30 minutes, Yoana focuses on developing your voice using a variety of stimulating vocal exercises. For the rest of the session, she’ll guide you through improving your singing technique and performance skills.

Using a combination of CDs, backing tracks, a cappella and piano, you sing songs of your own choice, while Yoana supports you with song interpretation and aspects of performance.

Vocal training combined with the Alexander Technique
Yoana offers sessions combining singing with the Alexander Technique. Because physical tensions prevent the voice from reaching its true potential, Yoana can take you through a series of practical exercises to help release them.

In the first part of the lesson, Yoana uses the Alexander Technique to gently realign your body.  As soon as it’s in its own natural balance, you will be ready for singing exercises.  
For the remainder of the lesson, Yoana will support your voice applying several Alexander Technique principles.

Often involving a hands-on approach, Yoana focuses on how you hold yourself when singing, as well as how you breathe.

For many clients, this lesson combination is an uplifting experience. Yoana’s patient, yet energetic teaching style has helped countless clients get in touch with themselves.

Unlock your potential. To work with an experienced voice coach in Oxfordshire, ring Yoana Browning on Oxford 01865 762 811.

“Within a month of attending Yoana’s Alexander Technique classes, a recurrent sore throat which plagued me for 30 years, was gone. I cannot recommend her highly enough.”

Helen J
“My lessons with Yoana Browning combine voice coaching, with the Alexander technique. Through Yoana’s calm, patient teaching, I’ve gained in confidence, feel energised and believe in myself more.”
Vikki L
“Yoana is my first Alexander Technique teacher. She’s kind, friendly, patient and makes the stress of the working day fade away.”
Victoria C
“Working with Yoana Browning has been very important for my artistic and personal development. Her Alexander Technique lessons have given me the chance to ‘open up.’ Performing has taken on a whole new life now.”
Daniel Z

“From my childhood, singing was associated with fear and embarrassment. Under Yoana’s guidance, I’m learning a new kind of confidence. The combination of Alexander Technique work and vocal exercises, has improved my whole outlook on life. “

Jenny S